Tank heaters


Material – antimagnetic stainless steel.

Used to heat up AdBlue in tanks of motor vehicles and machines with use of waste heat from engine cooling.

It can also be used for heating of other media.
The heater is resistant to oil products and it is intended for mounting into tanks with an opening 40 mm.

GW 6-1002 and GW 6-1001

The basic component is a flange to which a tube Ø14×1 is welded. To this tube a hot water hose from the engine is connected. Ends of this tube above the tank are provided with reinforcements for reliable hose attachment.

GW 6-0001

The basic component is a shaped tube Ø8×1, to which a hot water hose from the engine is attached. The heater is mounted to the side of the tank.


Working temperature -40°C thru +120°C °C
Label Producer, product code, date (or date code)

Limit parameters for specifying new types by the customer

Max. length H 1500 mm