Fuel sensor GW 7-2501


Material – flange PBT; tube – antimagnetic stainless steel

The basic construction component is a plastic flange in which a stainless steel tube is moulded. The measuring system is placed inside the tube. The float with a magnet moves along this tube and operates the magnetic switches. As a result, the output resistance value depends on the fuel level in the tank.

The output signal is provided by means of a two-pole sealed connector moulded in the flange.

The Fuel Sensor is intended for mounting to tanks with a 19/16″ thread.

The use of the fuel gauge must be specified in the order.


Max. voltage 100 V
Max. current 50 mA
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C °C
Label producer, producer code, date (or date code), customer identification
Vibration resistance 3 g
Service life 1 000 000 cycles
Protection degree IP 68 (inner part) IP 67 (external part)
Flange thread/td> 19/16 12UN-2A
Max. tightening torque 10 Nm
Connector DELPHI 12084669 (designed for 12162197 housing)

Limit parameters for specifying new types by the customer

Max. length 600 mm
Measuring circuit resistance 50 – 100 000 ohm
Minimum measurement step 10 mm
Max. measured height L1 40 mm
Min. measured height L0 H-22 mm

Connector in detail