Fuel sensor GW 7-7501


Design – covered float.

Material – Flange: PBT; Inner tube: antimagnetic stainless steel; Outer tube – aluminum.

The basic construction component is a plastic flange with two coaxial tubes. The measurement system is located inside the inner tube. A float with a magnet moves along this tube and is switching the magnetic switches. As a result, the output value of the selected electrical quantity depends on the fuel height in the tank.

The outer tube serves as a protection of the float, and, in addition, dampens the impact of sudden changes of fuel levels on measurement, for example at turning of construction machines.

The Fuel Sensor can be equipped with a reserve switch.

The measurement system can be connected as a rheostat or as a voltage divider.

The Fuel Sensor is intended for mounting to tanks with a 40mm hole.

The use of the fuel gauge must be specified in the order.


Max. voltage 15 V
Max. current 50 mA
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C °C
Label producer, producer code,
date (or date code)
Vibration resistance 3 g
Service life 1 000 000 cycles
Protection degree IP 68 (inner part) IP 67 (external part)

Limit parameters for specifying new types by the customer

Max. length H 1200 mm
Measuring circuit resistance 50 – 100 000 ohm
Minimum measurement step 10 mm
Max. measured height L1 18 mm
Min. measured height L0 H-30 mm
Connector Any type of cable connector

Examples of used connectors: